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Design Thinking
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Building a Lean Culture​ for Operational Excellence

We offer our customers our real-world experience to transform the way they deliver the most value to their customers. The professionals at Sword have gained our project experience from working with project teams on projects of all scopes and complexity. We have found that traditional project behaviors often lead to less than stellar results. Teams all enter a project with the best intentions of collaborating, but at the end of the day revert to "traditional" cooperation modes of team interaction. A "Healthy Team” Recognizes that there is such a thing as a culture of collaboration. The timely exchange of information is only one element of a successful project. We curate a work environment that supports a learning culture, that builds trust, enhances communication and confidence in the process, technology and people.


To overcome the many constraints to traditional project delivery we have defined three components of today’s complex projects. We have developed principles and tools that support delivery of our project services. As noted, the timely exchange of information or Data is central to the success of a project. Much of what we do is about Data — how is it created, organized, shared and managed throughout the life of a project in a Common Data Environment (CDE). We have over thirty years of experience in integrating VDC/BIM with Lean principles and tools reflecting the current IOC 19650 standards for BIM models.

Highlights of the Sword Process Include:

  • Agile Planning Cycle – Pivot as the project scope evolves

  • Visual Workflow – flow is transparent to a cross functional team

  • Preserves Individual Autonomy – Steps can be owned by individuals to encourage innovation

  • Measurable – combination of Last Planner & Kanban – more accurate than Billable Hour

Overall, the Sword process builds A trusting environment & psychological safety while sustaining continuous improvement.

We have selected several digital technologies to support our methodology. These include BIM execution planning software, Plannerly and the Takt Planning software, LCM Digital.

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