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Save Time, Money and Resources.

There are many reasons you might be interested in embarking on a lean journey. Your customers are demanding it. You want to save time, money and resources. You believe in the lean philosophy of continuous improvement and waste reduction. You believe that your firm can aspire to and sustain excellence and that it is the right thing to do.


Whether your journey is personal, with a project team or within your organization, SWORD’s knowledgable sensei can help you build your plan and start you on your Lean journey.


The foundation of our services lies in the SWORD Lean Roadmap where there are several stops along the way. Depending upon your desired results we may visit all locations or focus on one or two.

Lean Roadmap

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Define Company
Create Project Flow
Standardize Systems
Build a Culture of Trust
Develop Exceptional People & Teams

Why the Sword?

Construction is often characterized as war and that is why we have chosen the SWORD as our name to symbolize our core beliefs and educational mission to deliver value-added Lean management and training resources to Owners, Architects, Engineers and Contractors.


The SWORD is a metaphor for cutting waste, but as important, the SWORD is symbolic of an approach that is, not just educational but offers the practical skills needed to successfully apply the principles and tools of Lean and BIM in practical ways. In other words, we don’t value knowledge over skills. Like a martial art of archery or swordsmanship our consulting and courses are intended to transform our customers capabilities and effectiveness to deliver on Lean principles and practices.

With every Sword course or consulting engagement comes the understanding that the student must obtain the knowledge but also the skills to bring knowledge to the work place and create confidence that the Lean ideals will succeed. Students will face many obstacles and resistance to change, but our courses give them the skills to innovate and adapt under pressure.

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