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A blueprint for implementing continuous improvement in your organization



Using technology to test assumptions, plan and optimize workflow to reduce risk



Full range of Lean and BIM workshops, coaching and training exercises

Creating Lean Value for Our Customers and Yours

The U.S. design and construction industry is going through a shift in how projects are delivered. Owners are seeing a benefit to how alternative delivery approaches improve project schedules, budgets, and overall quality and value.


A core feature shared by hybrid delivery systems such as Lean, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and design-build is the participation of subcontractors and other typically downstream players earlier in the design development process.


This increased collaboration is a major change for many in the industry and being able to make that shift as seamlessly as possible is invaluable not only to Owners, but to all parties involved in the project. Architects, contractors and other partners that have the ability to work as an integrated team will be vital to owners requesting Lean, IPD or other hybrid project delivery approaches.

Taking the First Steps on a Lean Journey

Taking the first steps getting into Lean that is often the hardest. That’s where the SWORD Integrated Building Solutions team can help. We have extensive experience helping clients take the first steps or continue their Lean journey. We provide the knowledge and the tools to create sustainable best practices for building a Lean Culture. Using a Lean approach and a blended eLearning platform, we customize training, coaching and delivery systems that will help companies implement these new approaches and create more value for their customers.


Our core belief is that knowledge will create value and your people are the resource that will deliver value for both the Company and the Customer.



Sword Integrated Building Solutions
The Eight Wastes in Construction - Seeing & Eliminating Waste - Lean Unpacked Unit II -
Sword Integrated Building Solutions

The Eight Wastes in Construction - Seeing & Eliminating Waste - Lean Unpacked Unit II -

Welcome to Lean Unpacked, a six-part Introductory course on Lean in Construction for field personnel. When project teams are finished with this course, they will have a practical, comprehensive introduction to lean principles as they apply them to real world construction projects. They will also be introduced to simple and practical exercises that will make an immediate impact on productivity and improvements on projects. This approach is designed to be both a knowledge bridge and confidence builder in a student’s ability to successfully implement and improve your companies approaches to Lean project delivery. The six lessons are: 1. Getting Started with Lean – Welcome & History of Lean in Construction 2. Seeing & Eliminating Waste – The Eight Wastes in Construction 3. Taking Lean to the Job Site – Critical Practices for Success 4. Creating a System That Works – One Piece Flow & Small Batches 5. Making Lean Productive – Reliable Promises & Network of Commitments 6. The Last Planner ® System – Team Planning & Scheduling With Lean Unpacked your teams can learn at their own pace. They should be able to complete the video and quiz in each unit within 30-45 minutes. We recommend that you review the exercises and, if possible, apply them to your job site immediately. This is analogous to a driver’s training course – where book learning only goes so far and students need to “drive” to understand the application of concepts to the physical world. Please Subscribe to this YouTube Channel, Like and Comment to the Sword Channel. Coming soon, I will offer Lean Unpacked lessons 3-6 at a very modest cost for my Patreon Subscribers.


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