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Learn, Engage, Accelerate, Sustain


SWORD online lean learning with a human touch allows learners to choose which specific areas they want to study. They complete lessons based around tangible real world tasks that relate to their day to day work. They complete a placement tests to make sure they receive material that is challenging but not out of reach. And at the end of each Lesson, they take a test to measure how well they understand the content of each lesson.


Our SWORD teaching, coaching and mentoring approaches are redefining the way Learning is purchased and delivered to design and construction professionals. Successful companies understand establishing a lean culture is as challenging as learning a new language and that gaining Lean proficiency leads to better communication, increased productivity and a competitive business advantage. SWORD affords our customers access to qualified instructors, advanced mobile technology, and educational content that meets their employee needs. 



Our SWORD teaching, coaching and mentoring approach is not a massive online course; it is really a pioneering approach to redefine the boundaries of an online learning experience. New technologies have allowed us to rethink education as a journey rather than an event. SWORD blended eLearning platform is designed to offer an opportunity for field engineers, superintendents, project managers and trade partners to learn while on the job.


We understand how challenging it is to change deeply held beliefs and offer participants opportunities to experiment “off line” before implementing new concepts in the field. This approach is deigned to be both a knowledge bridge and confidence builder in a students ability to successfully implement  and improve your companies approaches to Lean project delivery.


The format is designed to be flexible so the student can tailor their education to their learning style at their own pace. This flexibility gives the student an opportunity to really understand the concepts and how they apply to real-world situations. The program is designed to offer the student the opportunity to interact with their peers, coaches and experienced practitioners. Students will:

  • Gain skills and strategies to accelerate and drive change in your organization.

  • Learn at their own pace, on their own turf with self-paced video lectures.

  • Collaborate and innovate with peers through team projects, class discussions, and ongoing feedback.

  • Apply new learnings to real-world business challenges.

  • Receive ongoing peer and faculty coaching and feedback.

  • Build a strong network of other highly-qualified peers

  • Showcase your success and demonstrate your skills and leadership with a Certificate of Completion.

Learners will be able to access content anywhere anytime and know that their progress will  be synchronized across devices. Admin tools will help monitor students progress and track return on your Lean learning investment.


We build in Gaming content to reward and motivate learners. The benefits of gamification have been documented to increase motivation and time engaged in learning. Learning is also increased with real world simulations with missions to solve a realistic on the job scenarios with the Lean principles or tools that they are working on learning. 

  • Gamers in the U.S. Spend 13 hours a week on games

  • Video games revenues are more than double the movie revenue

  • Deloitte Learning Academy gamification led to a 37% increase in the number of users returning to the site


Leader boards are created to compare teams or groups progress and create healthy competition among project teams. This tool is linked to the firm’s social network so that learning progress can be seen by all. Also, it is optional for a company to reward students for learning with points that can be redeemed for cash, gift cards or other rewards valued by the individual.


By offering the courses in a cloud-based format we can also improve courses and monitor  by seeing exactly what students are struggling with and if needed adjust the content or the delivery method.


Our courses are a cost-effective and efficient program for companies looking to educate existing employees and be assured that they have completed a rigorous program that will create real benefits for your projects. SWORD eLearning is also valued for on-boarding new employees and getting them up to speed with a companies commitment to creating a Lean culture. Our instructional designers are experienced instructors and curriculum developers. Our tutors are experienced Lean practitioners. Our support staff trains your Lean champions and guides them through implementation. Discover on line leaning with a human touch.


Please Click here to learn more about SWORD’s unique and cost effective eLearning program created especially for project teams. Please give us a call to hear how your project teams can learn how to eliminate waste and add value in a rapid learning environment.

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