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YOU ASKED: What do we need to learn and how can we get it done as fast as possible?

SWORD Lean Unpacked © eLearning is a short course consisting of six fundamental units to start or continue your companies Lean Journey. Our Unpacked approach in intended to be participated in by a small group of peers on a project or designated Lean champions or Lean Leaders. The lessons are tailored for unique workflows found in design and construction.  Including Architects, Trade Partners, Managers and Senior Leaders, Estimators, Field Engineers, BIM Engineers, Superintendents and Foreman.


Six One-Hour Units

1. Getting Started with Lean - The foundation

2. Seeing and Eliminating Waste - Learning to see waste

3. Taking Lean to the Job Site - Critical practices

4. Creating a Production System that Works - One piece flow

5. Making Lean Work for You - Reliable promises and small batches

6. Make Ready Work - Last Planner © Planning & Managing Lean

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain skills and strategies to accelerate and drive change in your organization

  • Learn at your own pace, on your own turf with self-paced video lectures

  • Collaborate and innovate with peers through team projects, class discussions, and ongoing feedback

  • Iterate and innovate on the job, applying new learnings to real-world project challenges

  • Showcase your success to Owners  and demonstrate your companies skills and Lean leadership with a certificate

  • Be part of a select group of change agents and leaders in your Company.

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